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About Us

SEEL, formed in 2009, is a leading minority-owned energy program services company. Focusing on community, quality and cost-effectiveness, SEEL is one of the largest minority-owned energy management firms in the country.

SEEL is committed to providing opportunities to local displaced workers in all areas of operation to meet the needs of the company programming. SEEL has put in place a training program that converts former blue collar workers into green collar advocates, a skill set that prepares them, not only to work at SEEL, but for the future.

SEEL brings more than just innovation to energy services. We bring a commitment to bettering our community. Our award-winning design, installation, and customer service teams support homeowners, landlords and business owners – making a more cost–effective, environmentally sound energy program a simple choice.


Vision, Mission and Values

VISION: SEEL’s vision is to be a leader in the energy efficiency movement through constant innovation, unmatched client focus and outstanding operational performance. We expect to be an invaluable asset to our clients by combining effective solutions and strong community partnerships.

MISSION: While supporting our clients and delivering stellar customer service, SEEL is committed to providing energy and sustainability management services that effect change in the communities we service.

CORE PRINCIPLES: We maintain a core set of principles that ensure successful results for our utility partners and program participants. We:

  • Deliver cost-effective energy savings, on time and on budget
  • Leverage utility data to help our clients easily identify areas for cost savings, improve efficiencies and capitalize on new opportunities
  • Reduce utility risks from regulatory pressures, reputational concerns or operational issues
  • Enhance the utility/customer relationship at all times
  • Provide consistent, professional customer service
  • Conduct and staff customer-focused outreach programs to improve customer participation

“Our commitment to energy efficiency is matched only by our drive and commitment to making the states we work in a better place to live and work.”

— Louis E. James, President and CEO

Executive Leadership

Our team works hard to guarantee SEEL is always represented as a forward-thinking, trusted leader in the energy industry. With enthusiasm, experience and attention to customer care, our leadership team not only motivates future growth and ongoing success, but personifies our vision and ideals.


President and CEO


E’Lois Thomas, Ph.D.

Chief Administrative Officer


Tiffany E. Curry

Director of HR and Client Relations


Tim Hardesty, COO

Chief Operating Officer

Where We Work

SEEL currently has offices in four states: Michigan, Illinois, Georgia and Kentucky. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, using an internalized program management structure to achieve energy savings for utilities and their customers.


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