Customer Engagement

We Care About
Our Customers
From First Touch

Contact Center

As part of our commitment to clients, SEEL offers a comprehensive Contact Center staffed by trained professionals dedicated to outstanding customer care. Our agents have handled more than 300,000 inbound and outbound phone calls, in four locations across three states.

The Contact Center’s success comes from our “customer-first culture,” which focuses on customer satisfaction as the number-one goal. All SEEL agents are trained on first touch, one-call resolution principles, and are skilled in building trust and customer loyalty. Our agents have a deep understanding of our clients’ customer segments, and the Contact Center offers multilingual services, including English, Spanish and Arabic.

Community Outreach

We take a grass-roots, community outreach approach, and our success comes from reaching customers where they live, shop, work, worship and play. We engage customers directly, with relationship-building activities that reach all demographics and customer types. And our world-class call center provides quick responses to customer needs.

SEEL has established relationships in the community that we use to connect to customers. These include community groups and other organizations, and they provide a foundation for targeted communications and activities. Our ongoing community presence allow us to have multiple interactions with a utility’s customers, providing direct and meaningful engagement.

Our approach uses faith based organizations, workplaces, nonprofit partnerships, schools, local businesses and community events to deliver the utility’s messaging. The SEEL outreach team talks with customer face-to-face and then provides thorough follow-up on any issues – so the customers come away feeling “cared for.”


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