Forward Thinking Keeps Us Ahead

SEEL Digital Platform (SDP)

SEEL Digital Platform (SDP) has evolved as SEEL augments our experience in the energy sector. In addition, SEEL’s focus on limited-income and small business customer, we apply technology to every area of our expertise, including program design & management, single family and multifamily residential program implementation, consumer-focused outreach, lead generation, and contact center support.

Forward Thinking Keeps Us Ahead

The SEEL team has always been focused on all the elements it takes to adapt and thrive. This mindset serves us well, especially when merging energy efficiency and technology. Our technology platforms and strategies create competitive advantages. The tools and processes we deploy as we implement energy optimization programs positively amplify our exceptional customer service performance. Ultimately, these tools are focused on increasing customer engagement, creating long-term satisfaction and reducing costs.

Program Designer – SEEL’s unique approach to developing energy efficiency programs. We consider three parameters: budget, targeted ROI, and customer satisfaction objectives.
Human Resource Engine (HRE) – We’ve cracked the code on mobilizing local workforces, even in challenged socio-economic areas, with proprietary assessment instruments that successfully address all customer segments.
Operations Designer – SEEL has implemented the largest consumer-focused program in the country, leading the way in scaling operational deployment efforts in challenged environments.
Merchandising Toolkit – We’ve proved our ability to reach the desired customers, economically and effectively, by tailoring messaging and partnering with community organizations.
Analytics Suite – After over 1 million customer interactions, SEEL has developed a suite of tools that align our energy optimization offerings with specific customer segments.
Engagement Network – SEEL is proficient in deploying private social networks that let trade allies, customers, program managers and utility personnel communicate securely without costly IT investments.

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