Solutions for Energy Efficient Logistics (SEEL) recently received the 2012 SER Metro Detroit Corporate Partnership Award. The award is bestowed upon corporations that support the vision and mission of SER Metro Detroit, which is to cultivate a qualified, skilled and adaptable workforce for metropolitan Detroit and the global economy.

SER, which stands for “Service, Employment, and Redevelopment,” works to give each consumer of services the resources needed to create a life of self-sufficiency and self-fulfillment. The company trains and places residents into unsubsidized employment in the private sector. It also provides employers with a diverse, qualified workforce.
Committed to supporting the communities it serves, working through SER, SEEL converts blue collar workers into green collar advocates who are committed to nurturing an energy efficient environment.

“It means a lot to me to receive the SER Metro Detroit Award,” said Louis James, president & CEO of SEEL. “Helping others is what SEEL is all about. Our company’s mission is to help residents save energy, but we also take pride in providing jobs and thereby impacting lives.”