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The goal is to increase your home’s energy efficiency, safety, and comfort by eliminating drafts by weather-stripping or repairing broken exterior doors, patching small holes in walls and roofs (and repairing damaged windows), and performing minor furnace maintenance and repair, insulation in attic, walls, floor and perimeter, and insulating water heater pipes or furnace ducts.

Electric Savings

We rely on electricity to power our lights, appliances, and electronics in our homes. Efficient products and energy-saving strategies can help you save money and energy at home. You can save money and energy at home by choosing energy efficient appliances and electronics and reducing the amount you use them.

Gas Savings

Heat is distributed through your home in a variety of ways. Forced-air systems use ducts that can also be used for central air conditioning and heat pump systems. Radiant heating systems also have unique heat distribution systems. That leaves two heat distribution systems—steam radiators and hot water radiators. We can show you gas savings methods.

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