Energy Efficiency Solutions

SEEL designs and operates customer centric energy efficiency and environmental management programs, encompassing all aspects of program design, implementation, management, marketing and outreach, customer service, call center, and trade ally management.

Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy Efficiency Programs

Using our vast industry knowledge and unique customer engagement strategies, we deliver customized, award-winning and data-driven programs for single and multifamily residential, commercial and industrial customers.

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Program Design and Consulting

Program Design and Consulting

Employing a holistic approach, our programs are designed to reduce operational expenses, achieve participation and impact goals, and improve customer satisfaction ratings for our energy and utility customers.

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Residential Energy Programs

Program Implementation

Delivering high quality and reliable customer service, our localized solutions enable us to effectively and efficiently provide superior customer installations and interactions and to achieve the desired program goals.

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Program Marketing Energy Programs

Program Marketing and Outreach

Aligning our marketing, outreach and customer engagement programs with our customers’ brands enables us to provide a seamless and integrated end-user experience, implement customer-focused strategies and increase program participation.

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Customer Care Center

Customer Care

Utilizing advanced technology and highly trained call center professionals, our customized and flexible solution enables us to provide unmatched customer interactions to promote programs, increase participation and disseminate accurate information.

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Energy Efficiency Business Consultants

Trade Ally Management

Recognizing the significant community and economic impact of energy efficiency and optimization programs, we partner with local agencies, trade associations, community organizations and contractors to deliver cost-efficient and effective programs.

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